E46 Alarm Installation Instructions:

Created by:

James Russo

Installation is quite easy and can be completed by anyone with a little technical ability.

The installation time is about 45mins to 1hr depending on how quickly you work.


These installation instructions were created after performing the installation on my vehicle.
I cannot be held responsible if they are not correct or do not work for you for any reason.

After installing the alarm, you will need to bring it to the dealer to preform the programming. The alarm will not work without being programmed!

You can click on any image to get a large (640x480) size.

Alarm Components:

Verify you obtained all the correct parts.

1) Siren
2) Siren bracket
3) Screw packet.
4) Interior radar sensor
5) tilt sensor.

Alarm Components
Interior Motion Sensor:

This should be installed first to ensure that you have clean hands, and will not soil the head liner.
Clean your hands! Do not get the headliner dirty..

Locate the location of the radar sensor, it is quite obvious at the top of the headliner to the rear of the sunroof.

Gently pull down on the cover and it will pop out, where you will be able to locate the wire harness.

Pull on the cover to release.
Locate wire and remove from holding plug.

Insert radar sensor, it will click into place.
Connect to the wire harness.

Replace sensor.

The Tilt Sensor:

1) Remove the trunk floor carpet and floor.
2) Remove any pins which are holding the right rear liner in place.
3) Remove the gas-release tab. It will just pull out, and can then be disconnected from the green wire.
4) Gently pull the right rear trunk liner away. You can normally get a finger on it from the top and pull it down.
You will need to lift it off of the battery cover, or the battery cover can be removed if it makes it any easier.
5) Locate the two bolts where the tilt sensor will mount.
6) Locate the connector, which is the six wire connector tapped to the wire harness.
7) Unbolt the one bolt which is holding the black plastic piece.
8) Remove the plastic piece from the stud and place the tilt sensor into place as indicated in the pictures. (direction is important)
9) Place the plastic piece back on the stud and replace the one bolt which you removed, and then add another both from the
screw package included with the alarm.
10) put everything back together.

Tilt Sensor
Locate the Connector and mounting holes
Mount the sensor using the one existing bold and one bolt supplied in the alarm kit.


(do yourself a favor and be sure that the engine is cool. I didn't and it wasn't much fun... )

1) Remove access panel to the air filter by releasing the three plastic tabs at the top rear of the engine compartment.
2) Remove air filter.
3) Remove the four torx screws at the top of the panel and the clips which hold the wires in the wire guide.
2) Gently pull the panel and it should come free revealing the next panel which needs to be removed.
3) The next panel has two more screws and a plastic clip.
*NOTE* The two screws do not come all the way out and will remain with the piece, but the plastic piece does. don't loose it!
4) Gently pull up the second panel and it should come free revealing the little hole where the siren will mount. You may have to tug a little bit, and adjust the weather stripping to get it free.
5) My 2000 e46 had the threaded assembly in place so the sired just bolted in. Without this in place, some drilling will be required. (one screw)
6) Locate the harness for the siren. Mine was taped towards the passenger side of the car. Use a flashlight and gently cut the felt tape to free the connector.
7) bolt the siren to the mounting bracket as indicated in the picture.
8) Place the siren in the location, and place one bolt into the threaded insert. (if the insert is not there, a metal self tapping should do the trick)
9) Connect the siren connector to the siren, and you are done.



Remove all 4 torx bolts and the wire guide.
pull away the wire guide, and remove wires.
Remove the two torx bolts, and plastic tab.
Locate wire harness, and look for threaded socket.
Bolt siren to mounting bracket.
Mount siren and connect wire.